It’s my belief that human wellness is multidimensional. No singular event, element or experience of living can truly cause wellness or suffering. It is a complex interplay between various factors which make up our experience of life. Therefore no singular therapy and counselling service can heal all. There can be no singular psychological approach which is capable of explaining the complexity of the human experience.

This is why my approach is integrative and holistic, with a collaborative style that pulls in ideas from models such as The Skilled Helper, Common Factors and Person Centred.

It’s my hope that we will be able to build a therapeutic relationship together which will serve you. This relationship will help you in whatever capacity you feel is right and best. I will be there beside you, to walk alongside you on your path of self-discovery and healing. I believe we all have the keys and knowledge to unlock those parts of ourselves we have barricaded up.

I’m a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their code of ethics. I am also part of a network of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.


Reach out to find out more about how we can work together. You can also reach me through Welldoing. I work both online and in person in Islington, North London. You can find me here:


Yoga is a great tool to use in the continuous investigation of Mind, Body and their relationship together. By allowing space where you can move, hold and breath you can reflect, experience, release or connect with your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations or simply expend energy.

Sessions and workshops are geared towards working with anxiety. Often sessions are tailored to you and meet you where you are. An overview of how we typically work together is:


Less moving, more thinking! A yin style class with emphasis on the breath and meditation. Sessions are generally slower with longer periods spent in poses.

Less thinking, more moving! A yang style class with emphasis on moving and breathing. Sessions are generally faster with a focus on strength or endurance.

A yin/yang style class with a mixture of breath, meditation and moving. Sessions generally begin slow, pick up and then return to a more restful state.


You can find me at the Foundation for Change on Wednesdays, teaching for their graduates and current students. Running a mixture of classes depending on class size.

You can also find me in Islington, North London, teaching intimate groups or privately here: